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Bonkers Blog October 2015

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16 October (Part 3) - Secretary of State Greg Clark is ill-advised, or maybe just a fool

TuckleyHe’s gone. Will Tuckley that is. Chosen to be the new Chief Executive at Tower Hamlets.

The government appointed commissioners running Tower Hamlets council decided to risk ridicule and embarrassment by ignoring the information provided by Michael Barnbrook. viz. that Tuckley has been investigated for Misconduct in Public Office and the evidence against him persuaded the police that the case should go to the Crown Prosecution Service where it remains.

That evidence included statements by four Bexley councillors at least one of which specifically stated that they had offered themselves for interview by Tuckley so that he might come to realise that councillor Cheryl Bacon had lied comprehensively in an attempt to save her skin. Not being interested in the truth, Tuckley repeatedly rebuffed all such requests. It is that which forms the basis of the allegation against him.

The reason the commissioners dismissed Michael’s email is because Will Tuckley told them he was innocent. Well he would wouldn’t he? But it doesn’t change the fact that the police were not so sure and consequently his name is with the CPS’s Serious Case Department.

Greg ClarkBecause the commissioners didn’t reply to Mick’s email which was dismissed by Tower Hamlets’ council as the ravings of a Vexatious Fascist Blogger he complained to the Minister who appointed them, the Right Honourable Greg Clark.

Rather late in the day, Mr. Clark has replied. “the complaint set out in your email is wholly without foundation”.

So the situation now is that Mr. Tuckley did not own up to the police investigation when applying for the job of Chief Executive.

When the Commissioners were made aware of the investigation, Tuckley told them that Mick Barnbrook was some sort of raving lunatic even though it is beyond all doubt that what Mick told the commissioners was 100% truthful.

Within the past few weeks the police have confirmed to me in writing that the case against Tuckley is serious enough to warrant their file being submitted to the CPS.

But Greg Clark doesn’t believe it. The man must be a total idiot which appears to be a required qualification for being a minister in the present government.

The practical effect on the country is obviously dire which is well beyond the remit of this website, but the impact on the Tuckley case becomes ever more difficult.

It has always been my expectation that the CPS would sooner or later be given instructions to somehow lose the Tuckley case to protect the reputation of the bunch of liars at the top of Bexley council but now they are going to have to lose it to protect the moron who goes by the name of Greg Clark.

When that happens it will be confirmation that political corruption has become the norm in this country and the suspicion will then be that Greg Clark is part of the web of corruption.


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