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Bonkers Blog October 2015

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9 October (Part 3) - Abbey Wood parking problems

Wilton Road Wilton Road Wilton RoadThe Crossrail bosses may assure residents at the Liaison Panel meetings that their contractors are not allowed to block shoppers’ parking bays but it doesn’t always work out that way.

Nor can it. It’s hard enough to do a DIY job away from home without easy access to your own tools so when you are paddling in a six feet deep hole to joint a massive electricity cable it wouldn’t be reasonable to expect the tools to be stored on the other side of the railway line in Felixstowe Road. The shopkeepers appear to be a stoical lot.

Within the station compound there has been one very obvious development this week. The installation of the much needed canopy has begun.

For reasons that the station staff could not explain, the line closure schedule has been removed from the station entrance, the lift and the footbridge. However they were sure that the closure scheduled for tomorrow and Sunday will go ahead.

The weekly pictorial progress report on Crossrail developments around the station has been updated.

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