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Bonkers Blog October 2015

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5 October (Part 3) - Zacharias is no Sir James

I feel a bit sorry for some of our Labour councillors, I don’t think they will all be enthusiasts for their new party leader.

It did cross my mind to offer them some consolation last Friday when Zac Goldsmith was chosen as the Conservative candidate for next year’s London Mayoral election.

On a Wednesday evening last month, I think it may have been the 16th a little after seven fifteen, I tuned in to LBC radio while driving to Bexley village to meet up with some friends. Out of the speakers came the voice of some dreadful old school socialist who wanted to tax everything that moved. (†)

I was flabbergasted when I discovered that I had been listening to Zac Goldsmith. Disappointed too because as far as I can remember I quite liked his dad’s politics.

There is a website to sing the praises of Zac Goldsmith, you may reach it by clicking the large image below. That image is a condensed version of the real thing but it would appear that twelve Bexley councillors are publicly backing more taxation.

Unless my eyes are deceiving me, councillor David Leaf is pictured but is not listed among the names.
† Zac Goldsmith was a keen advocate of road pricing within the M25 boundary. Stuff him! May as well vote for a real socialist.


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