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Bonkers Blog October 2015

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3 October (Part 1) - Confusion by design

By venturing further towards Bexleyheath yesterday evening than I had earlier in the day, Brian Barnett has noticed something about the new but little changed Bourne Road junction that I missed.

Bourne RoadBourne RoadThere is a new sign showing a roundabout on the eastern approach but on the west the old sign is still in evidence.

What sort of council puts people at risk by opening a new road before it gets its signage ready?

A council for which that is the norm presumably. i.e. Bexley where the last roundabout sign near Trinity Place was not swapped for a T junction sign for several weeks after that roundabout - sorry T junction - opened.

Brian, with the eye of a keen cyclist, says that the cycle lanes are a bad joke.

Bexley council. Not listening to you, trying to kill you.


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