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Bonkers Blog October 2015

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1 October (Part 4) - Judge, Jury and Appeal Judge - all in one

TweetMr. Mustard is spot on. Bexley and Bromley council will now not only issue you with a parking fine, often for no good reason (†), but now it will offer advice on whether or not an appeal might succeed.

Surely if they are doing their job properly no appeal would ever succeed, and if their intelligent (?) software predicts that an appeal would succeed they should be automatically cancelling the ticket. Isn’t that what an honest outfit would do?

The system can only be the product of a criminal mind and in Bexley we have an abundance of them. Bexley’s own internal audit team condemned the parking department’s dishonesty and so did the Local Government Ombudsman.

But their money making juggernaut is allowed to cast justice to the wind.

Click here to see what the fuss is all about.

Mr. Mustard is one of Barnet’s many bloggers. He specialises in parking malpractice. Click here for his blog.

† The dishonest entrapment described in the blog dated 27th May is a regular occurrence. Twice I have noticed it this week. Wish I had taken some new pictures now!


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