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Bonkers Blog November 2015

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30 November (Part 3) - Bexley. A very dismal place

A quick reversion to the old tradition of only posting trivia on the last day of the month. The coming of December will tend to hide November blogs so it’s barely worth making an effort on the last day of a month.

What follows has only the a remote connection with Bexley and I don’t think the council can be blamed for it, but you must have noticed how poor the weather has been this month.

The histogram below shows the daily output from my solar panels. There is a European standard for the output of solar panels based on the maker, the panel type, their number, the conversion efficiency of the inverter, the elevation of the roof, its direction referenced to due south and the geographical location by latitude and longitude.

The red lines below are days on which this month’s electrical output failed to reach the European standard prediction and the blue is where it did.

If you ask me, it is a very easy standard to reach. The EU must have got it all wrong - again. On average, over the past five years, monthly output has beaten the prediction by 34·9%. That is more than long enough to prove the EU prediction is a poor one.

So with this November reaching only 74.02% of the EU standard output, you can see just how dull November has been. The worst sequence of dull days in five years, maybe more. The end of October wasn’t good either.
November output
As if things in Bexley weren’t miserable enough already. Left axis = kilowatt hours.


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