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Bonkers Blog November 2015

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24 November (Part 2) - You paid your twenty seven quid, now kindly get lost

So you decided that you didn’t like bonfires and the only way to avoid becoming a fly tipper was to pay Bexley council’s bin tax.

You coughed up £27 and you waited up to two months for the new bin to appear, maybe going without a garden and/or food waste collection for all of that time.

ApologyYou decided life was too short to complain and you read the Overdone Beguiling Excruciating apology in the Bexley magazine and maybe even came to the conclusion it might be genuine.

Then just as you thought you could settle down to a quiet life your lovely new bin wasn’t emptied.

Never mind there’s an easy answer to that; report it on line and they’ll come out and collect it next day. Always have done. Not everything about Bexley council is bad.

Unfortunately that is no longer the case. Log on to and go to “Report it’.

And this is what comes up.

Get lost
Anyone who thinks Teresa O’Neill (Oppressive Bintax Extorter) gives a damn for residents is a mug. The answer is simple. Sue the blighter in the Small Claims Court. Breach of Contract.


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