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Bonkers Blog November 2015

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23 November (Part 2) - Totally out of touch

They live in a world apart. People who assault their spouses, thieves, arsonists, jihadis and senior council officers. Most people just don’t understand their motivation and cannot begin to comprehend their morals.

I was struck by this headline in last Saturday’s Daily Telegraph. It neatly sums up all that is wrong with local government; their sense of entitlement shines through brightly.
TelegraphYou have probably never heard of Lord Porter, that’ll be because until two months ago he was merely a councillor on South Holland District Council but David Cameron needed him to make up the numbers in the House of Lords. He is also the Chairman of the Local Government Association and possibly the most arrogant disconnected man you could ever hope not to meet.

So disconnected is Lord Porter from the rest of humankind that he equates council bosses’ salaries with those of footballers.

What sort of idiot is he? I‘ve never contributed to a footballer’s salary in my life, it’s totally optional. I wish it were the same with town hall mandarins.

In Bexley they don’t even have anything to do apart from provide protective cover for councillors and their schemes and manage their own staff. There is almost no other job that hasn’t been farmed out to private contractors, all of whom will be making a profit from the plebs who are compelled to foot the bills.

What services are still provided wholly by Bexley council? Planning, Trading Standards, err. Are there any more?

Teresa O’Neill OBE (Overpayments. Benefits, Expenses) has been saying for years that they must be paid at the highest levels to ensure the highest quality. It is much more likely that they have to be paid a salary that guarantees loyalty.

Imagine what could have happened if Will Tuckley had not been compelled to defend the lying councillor Cheryl Bacon? It would have saved a massive police bill for a start!


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