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Bonkers Blog November 2015

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20 November (Part 1) - Broadway and Erith Shopping Centres. Who owns what?

There has been quite a lot of interest in who owns the Broadway and Erith Shopping Centres so before I listen again to councillor Slaughter’s criticism of Bexley council’s plan to sell Old Farm Park, you may wish to hear what the Acting Chief Executive actually said about ownership.

First UKIP councillor Beazley’s question which somehow failed to register with me while in the council chamber, but the recording is clear enough.

Note that councillor Beazley refers to both Bexleyheath and Erith shopping centres and strongly suggests that council officers - he had been exchanging notes with Jane Richardson, Deputy Director of Regeneration and Growth - had confirmed council ownership.

This is Paul Moore’s reply.

Note that Mr. Moore doesn’t mention Erith shopping centre but neither does he or Mrs. Richardson contradict councillor Beazley.

The fact that Mr. Moore’s answer is barely adequate is par for the course, but what is consistently disappointing about all Bexley council meetings is that when someone willfully or otherwise provides an inadequate answer, no one ever picks them up on it. It is as though their butterfly minds have already moved on to the next subject.

Maybe councillor Beazley felt that both his assertions were vindicated by a written note from a councillor officer but without that advantage I was left uncertain as to whether or not the Chief Executive was referring to one or both towns.

Postscript. Here’s the real answer…
The Mall
Source document.

You’d have thought that Linda Bailey, being a cabinet member, would have known that.


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