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Bonkers Blog November 2015

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12 November (Part 1) - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Lesnes Tower Slide is open for business. Good
Slide Slide Bexley LaneThe fence around the new £105,000 slide at Lesnes Abbey was removed this morning. The nearest fire hydrant is on Abbey Road.

Christmas comes early to Abbey Wood. Very good
Christmas Christmas ShopI saw my first Father Christmas in a neighbour’s window before Halloween so the shop windows in Wilton Road are perhaps not too premature.

The decorations are a small part of the £300,000 regeneration project and is the idea of the project consultant Sally Williams.

However hard she tries, Sally is unlikely to be able to restore the street to its former glory. (Photo 3.)

Crossrail doesn’t care. Bad
I haven’t access to any privileged information on this one but on the face of it Crossrail is in danger of losing its reputation as a considerate neighbour.

FacebookFirst it was the half mile detour over Harrow Manorway for anyone unable to manage stairs.

Then it was the demolition of a footbridge without opening a new one which creates a detour in the region of a mile.

Now they have caused the closure of a church hall.

Crossrail Crossrail CrossrailIt took four train journeys to get the pictures of the back of the church. First the memory card was full, then a mobile digger was in the way. The third train’s window was so filthy that the lens wouldn’t focus through it but I eventually struck lucky with what I assume were church people on the roof taking a good look at their future being bulldozed away.

Lesnes Abbey. The wrecking gathers pace. Ugly

While taking a look at the park this morning I saw a group of tourists with Nikons slung around their neck none to pleased with what could be seen. Why do Nikon owners always seem to have massive telephoto lenses? Nearly all those you see on Bonkers are taken with a fairly extreme wide angle. But I digress.

Even more of the park has been barricaded off than at the beginning of the month. Now the steps down from the abbey area to the Monks’ Garden are inaccessible. However you are welcome to slide down the grass bank on the rotting leaves which Bexley council no longer picks up.
Lesnes Lesnes Lesnes Lesnes
What a Dartford recycling bin is doing by the mulberry tree (Photo 4) is anybody’s guess. Perhaps councillor Craske knows.


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