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Bonkers Blog November 2015

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11 November (Part 2) - Odours. Bad. Exceptionally so

HeadlineIf the News Shopper’s letters editor is content to see eight consecutive issues in which Bexley’s council‘s brown bin fiasco is the dominant subject matter, it may not be too excessive for BiB to follow in his footsteps not much more than 24 hours after it last did so.

MagazineNow that the backlog of undelivered bins has been much diminished the focus has shifted to the plastic detritus that Bexley council has fly tipped right across the borough. If anyone else had done it cabinet member Peter Craske would be having them in court, but he is loathe to charge himself with the same crime. Maybe someone else should but last time that happened Bexley police had to set up a special meeting with the CPS to “resolve his situation”.

Bexley council calls the abandoned bins ‘orphans’, which is probably a good name considering its past record of neglecting real orphans, or Children in Care as OFSTED called them in its damning report.

One of the two letters about the orphaned bins reminds News Shopper readers that the old bins were supposed to have been collected in September and concludes that the council leader should be deprived of her OBE given the extent of her failure.

Letter BinThe second correspondent referred to a bin in Bexley Lane which has been stinking outside the writer’s house for the past nine weeks, however Ms. Houghton’s problem is not unique. It took me all of five minutes to take a short walk armed with a camera to find a similar one. In fact I found two.

Ironically, at the very moment I had packed the camera back into its case an open truck went by with around a dozen old bins on board. I thought it might turn into my own road where seven orphans litter the footpath, but it carried straight on, presumably on some aimless meandering diesel wasting mission.


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