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Bonkers Blog November 2015

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11 November (Part 1) - Playing catch up

The claim made by council leader Teresa O’Neill during her report to council, that the Lesnes Abbey improvements being funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund are on schedule, very nearly made it into the not entirely true list. Claim
Dates Path StoneHowever not everything at Lesnes Abbey is running behind schedule and it is still possible that the work will be completed by next summer. Click the green graphic to read the larger copy.

The new Visitor Centre should have opened by now but if the outstanding jobs are done in parallel as it were, instead of serially as originally planned for no obvious reason, the scheduled completion date is still achievable.

This week another of the scheduled tasks has commenced, the beginnings of a new path from the children’s playground to the abbey ruins has appeared.

In that children’s playground, the Tower Slide continues to be fenced off a week after the installation contractors left the site.



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