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Bonkers Blog November 2015

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8 November (Part 4) - Piles of concrete and steel

CrossrailIt’s a fortnight since there was last a proper photo update on what has been done in Abbey Wood to prevent the new station sinking into the ground.

There have been pictures of lavatories plonked on shop doorsteps and of dozens of leylandeii removed from the trackside between the Lesnes Abbey footbridge towards Belvedere, but progress on Abbey Wood’s new platform, its canopy and the constant piling have been absent.

The latter is a particularly messy job; the hardcore on which the heavy machinery stands soon turns to slime and has to be replaced. A casual observer might think that the scene doesn’t look much different to what it was like two weeks ago, but that is because most of the changes have been pushed 30 feet into the ground.

I understand that the new posters on the station, see image, are the work of Crossrail’s new Communications Manager. Among the new photographs uploaded today may be seen two of the top men from Network Rail - the smiliest pair -showing their colleagues from South Eastern what a flat well drained platform should look like. They are more used to a shalow paddling pool.

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