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Bonkers Blog November 2015

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5 November (Part 2) - When the fat lady sings

Fat ladyPerhaps it would be wiser to keep this one to myself, maybe attending more council meetings than any councillor - probably - is beginning to get to me, but last night I had a weird dream.

I was out with a group of friends and somehow got detached from them. They all got in a lift and I was left behind. Never saw them again.

I searched a public library and got even more lost in a small castle that just happened to be standing next door. I ended up in the main banqueting hall which was far more modern than it had any right to be.

The entertainment was a solo singer and it was unmistakably Teresa O’Neill OBE. (Operatic Bacchanalian Entertainment.)

Afterwards she spoke to me, putting an arm on my shoulder as she did so and all entirely friendly. It was a very weird dream.

I woke up with an aching shoulder.


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