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Bonkers Blog November 2015

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1 November (Part 3) - Making the worst of a difficult situation

CrossrailUK Power Networks would appear to be Crossrail’s weakest partner, one for which there is probably no alternative when it comes to rerouting the power cables they own.

It’s clearly not a simple job which is exacerbated by the water that threatens to overwhelm their holes but the impact on the local environment is greater than it need be because UKPN’s work lacks the attention to detail which is usually, or at least more often than not, a hallmark of the Crossrail project.

Thoughtless is the word that springs to mind.

A week ago UK Power Networks dumped a toilet outside a shop doorway and it’s not so long ago that they set up three way traffic lights because they were too lazy to take a wheelbarrow load of earth away. Instead they left it in the road protected by barriers and a closed pedestrian crossing. The work to be done was entirely on the footpath.

The Wilton Road excavations have grown bigger over the past 48 hours. The eastern footpath is now completely closed off.

At the railway end a notice diverts pedestrians (Photo 1 above) and they are left to walk in the carriageway. Photo 2.

At the southern end a big blue sign attempts to divert traffic on to the footpath. Two more further along make rather more sense.

Pedestrians approaching from the same direction are given no warning that the footpath goes nowhere (Photo 4) and the two houses that face the road are close to being inaccessible.

Crossrail Crossrail Crossrail Crossrail


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