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Bonkers Blog May 2015

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30 May - Does anyone still read the Highway Code?

Weekends at the end of the month do not make for a busy website so please excuse the lack of effort today; on the blog at least. Quite a lot has been expended on showing a five year old the sights of London.

Commuter parking regularly extends a full ten minutes walk from Abbey Wood station which is unsurprising given that parking closer can cost £3·80 with an unjustified fine on top. Half-term visitors to Lesnes Abbey do not improve matters.

Parking Parking ParkingSome of the regulars pay scant regard to safety. The van that features in Photos 1 and 2 has been there, at a T junction, all week, including today, and encourages pedestrians crossing the road to do so where it is less than safe.

The people carrier in Photo 1 blocked the dropped kerb for all of Thursday afternoon - probably an abbey visitor. The white car in Photo 3 is there most days and makes a blind corner even more dangerous. I had one narrow escape myself when someone swung around the corner far too fast and came close to hitting me head on.

Maybe the local Bobby should remind them all that parking on corners is not recommended in the Highway Code. At least it used not to be, it’s a few years since I read it. No one’s perfect.


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