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Bonkers Blog May 2015

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25 May (Part 2) - Crossrail forces a U-turn

The attention to detail by Crossrail and their contractors has always been impressive. Everything is done thoroughly and whilst some of their signage has occasionally shown a lack of local knowledge, it is quite hard to pick fault, although there are members of the Liaison Committee who do their best to do so.

It may only be a small point but I feel the picture below sums things up pretty well. When Bexley council puts out temporary No Parking signs there will be one somewhere in the general vicinity of the restricted area and a couple of cones dotted here and there.

Not so with Crossrail, you get a cone that actually indicates what it is for every five feet along the road.
Fendyke Road
The occasion was the long awaited Gayton Road weekend closure and two way working in Wilton Road. The road markings, One Way arrows etc. had been changed and a short central white line painted in and whenever I looked the traffic was flowing well. Apart perhaps when the occasional clown insisted on parking in the turning area. I had to wait for the one shown to move on a few feet and not block the view.
Wilton Road closureThe object of the closure was to progress the diversion of the utility services around the new station’s footprint. To be perfectly honest I did not see an awful lot of progress and the roads had reverted to normal operation by the middle of Sunday afternoon.

There was plenty of progress elsewhere. The tunnel approach. the station area and the track extending out towards Belvedere were all scenes of much activity.

Wilton Road Gayton Road Gayton Road Felixstowe Road
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