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Bonkers Blog May 2015

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19 May (Part 1) - He’s in the money!

A journalist phoned me last week and asked questions about councillor Alex Sawyer. The fact he lives in Welling - if he didn’t he would not have been able to be elected as a Bexley councillor - and his wife and son claim to live in Witham in Essex was high on his agenda.

News cuttingI wasn’t able to tell him a lot he didn’t know already but I sent a follow up email with a little more information which wasn’t acknowledged.

I had been told that an article would be posted to the Mail Online on Sunday but I am afraid I forgot all about it.

The accompanying local newspaper extract appears to be making the same point. It’s perhaps a little unfair, Priti Patel is not the most expensive MP in Britain by quite a long way and I rather suspect the £50,000 a year that Alex takes home to Welling - or wherever - is included in the expenses total.

But it’s a lot of money and after Alex Sawyer is given the deputy leader role in Bexley tomorrow evening and is rewarded with the £17,519 which goes with it, he will be rivalling his predecessor Gareth Bacon who was the highest paid Bexley councillor on £108,000 a year. Plus £12,418 for his lying wife.

In 2010/11, when Bexley council was doing its best to hide Alex’s relationship with Priti and their peculiar living arrangements - he claiming Welling, she Witham - Bexley council prematurely destroyed his nomination papers in order to circumvent an FOI request.

Bexley councillor David Leaf is Priti Patel’s Research Assistant. A politician’s priority is too often to help themselves first and their friends second.


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