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Bonkers Blog May 2015

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11 May - Don’t blame Greenwich

The roundabout being very slowly constructed on Harrow Manorway would appear to have quite a lot in common with those which Bexley built on Wickham Lane and at Ruxley corner five years ago.

Roundabout Roundabout Sainsburys Roundabout
Both took many months to construct, caused enormous traffic queues and when they were finished, large vehicles couldn’t get around them.

Albion Road is just as bad.

The same seems to be happening (see Photo 2) at the entrance to the new Abbey Wood Sainsbury’s (Photo 3) due to open on 29th July.

As the authorisation certificate clearly states, this is a Bexley council project. Let’s hope that is completed earlier than the 13th August indicated on the license.


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