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Bonkers Blog May 2015

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8 May (Part 1) - What will the future hold?

70 years ago today the country was celebrating the defeat of Nazi Germany and looking to the future. Today, at this early hour, we are again looking to the future and maybe the Eurosceptics are hoping once again to keep a lid on foreign tyrants.

VE Day VE DayI’m afraid that somewhat contrived introduction is to provide an excuse for these old photos taken in Leyton, Essex as it was then known, in 1945 just a few yards from the Orient’s football ground.

I am in both photographs but I doubt whether I was celebrating anything more than getting nearly 50% of the celebratory custard into my mouth.

As you may see, there are almost no men to be seen. My own father didn't come back home for another 384 days. Stuck in India and Burma flying Liberators and dropping supplies.

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