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Bonkers Blog May 2015

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7 May (Part 1) - Great news. Batman Returns

PornoTomorrow morning I may or may not be feeling content but today I feel very much buoyed up. The owner of the phone line that magically self-generated pornography is to re-enter the cabinet. Apart from the fact that he will run off with another £13,000 of our money, that is brilliant news.

No one since he resigned for personal reasons back in 2012 has really been able to take his place. Councillor Don Massey does his best to insult members of the public at council meetings but he is not in the same class as Peter Craske. Massey once apologised for ranting on about UKIP’s Bexleyheath & Crayford Parliamentary candidate Chris Attard. Craske would never make that mistake.

His modus operandi when faced with a question was usually to lie. Repeatedly. When he was reported to what was then called the Standards Board he would lie to them too so that they found it easy to find him not guilty.

When his excuse was proven to be a lie the Standards Board would accept a different excuse. It was a bit like a European Referendum. If you don’t get the right excuse the first time, request another one.

Thank you Teresa O’Neill, you have made my day.

I imagine that Elwyn Bryant and Mick Barnbrook will be euphoric too and get back into the swing of asking probing questions at council meetings. Mind you, the council appears to have introduced a new rule on public questions. You are not allowed to ask one if you once stood at an election in opposition to the Conservative Party. That has already ruled Mick out once.
Is there so little talent on Bexley council that they have to choose Craske to fill a hole? Looks like it.

Note: For technical reasons the stream of pornography that flowed along Craske’s telephone line in May 2011 is currently unavailable in unexpurgated form. I suppose I am going to have to find time to fix that, or more simply, just remove the password requirement.

The Batman outfit is significant because a second round of pornography contained several Batman references. Funny that!


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