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Bonkers Blog May 2015

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2 May (Part 1) - Should have been a Bonkers reader

As every BiB reader should know, Bexley council racked up its car parking charges by 50% last month. Unfortunately Lorraine Shepherd from Belvedere knew nothing of Bexley council’s greed and fell straight into their trap in the Abbey Wood station car park. The News Shopper carried her story yesterday.

News ShopperMaybe Chris Attard’s (UKIP Candidate, Bexleyheath and Crayford) criticism of the paper is not far removed from the truth although my guess is that it’s not so much bias in favour of the Conservatives but a lack of budget. They just swallow Bexley council’s press releases and haven’t the time or money to see if they are anything like true.

If they had bothered to make the trip to far flung Abbey Wood they may have noticed that Bexley council’s references to “site notices by the pay and display machines” may be the truth but they are not exactly helpful.

The only way that a commuter to the Gayton Road car park would be aware in advance that the price was to rise from £3·80 to £5·70 was if they are the sort of nerd who reads every word of Bexley’s Legal Notices or alternatively they are a two foot six inch midget equipped with a magnifying glass.

Gayton Gayton MasseyThe price notice was strapped to the second post from the right in Photo 1 and at knee height. There is no other Pay and Display point in the Gayton Road car park. The man responsible for raising the prices and doing his best to keep them secret is councillor Don Massey, the same man who introduced the bin tax. 


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