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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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31 March (Part 1) - “The end of tyranny” in Bexley

No more hiding up side streets - possibly
It’s been a long time coming but Eric Pickles’ plan to put an end to unfair parking fines will finally become law tomorrow. No longer will Bexley council be able to hide its gestapo wagons up side streets looking for motorists who stop for 35 seconds to pick up a passenger (as reported by a reader yesterday) and they will be confined to patrolling bus stops and school zig-zags.

Spy carsBexley council has calculated that it will lose around £200,000 as a result of their more dubious activities being constrained by law. This is the sum which the Department of Communities and Local Government considers has been unfairly taken from your pocket each year by Bexley council.

U turnsNot unexpectedly, Bexley council is planning to fight back. It expects to be able to use CCTV cameras to monitor minor traffic offences such as U turns and already it has begun imposing additional restrictions on such things. A dishonest council has to get its money somehow.

The legislation includes provision of a ten minute grace period for those who stay slightly longer than they should.

This website
Since redesigning Bonkers to allow the choice of viewing a single blog entry or a whole month’s worth and later a whole day’s worth to benefit, or so I thought, the increasing proportion of visitors using mobile devices (now at 40%), those continuing to look at the whole month outnumber the day only viewers by nearly three to one. There have also been several complaints from those who wish to view the whole month or a whole day and are finding it hard to get there.

Today MonthAt yesterday’s film show one BiB reader explained his way of reaching Bonkers more clearly than most and as a result the two Instant Access buttons have been added to the Home and Index pages. Index is where one ends up when using the original address. It is no longer my preferred route but old habits have a habit of lingering.

It may be possible to add one or both buttons to all the non-blog pages but there are some practical difficulties in the way.

As well as the request for easier blog access there was a suggestion there was too much Crossrail coverage so tomorrow won’t be popular; Crossrail is holding a by invitation liaison meeting this evening.


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