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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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29 March - No lift, no trains, no dramatic Crossrail progress

Station LiftProbably I should rely more on the word of the men in orange suits than emails from management because Abbey Wood station was not reduced to rubble yesterday. It may look as if it would succumb to a strong gust of wind but it still stands.

There was plenty of wind and rain today which must have been far from helpful while the North Kent line was closed again for the weekend but a lunchtime sortie from Abbey Wood to Church Manorway (Plumstead) revealed a grand total of five orange suits. Not for the first time recently it is hard to see what has justified putting the travelling public to so much inconvenience - me included.

Comparison with last week’s photographs shows no progress with track laying but a great deal of ballast material has been added and the foundations for the overhead electricity supply gantries are more obvious. (See blue trackside panels.)

Track Track Track Track
Crossrail's ability to prevent prying eyes from watching them do, very often, not a lot is remarkable. The final three photographs are all taken through rain drenched Perspex or four by one centimetre holes in the metal grid which shrouds the Church Manorway footbridge. The lens was wide open in a not always successful attempt to throw the offending obstructions out of focus.

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