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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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26 March - Cllr. Philip Read. Evil man with vile thoughts

Philip ReadAnother small step towards the provision of acceptable Children’s Services in Bexley was achieved yesterday. The Department for Education lifted the Improvement Notice it placed on Bexley council six months ago. Obviously that is good news even if half the social worker posts are still filled by temporary staff and the Chief Executive says there is still an awful long way to go and his Director says it is going to take around two years to get to where Bexley should have always been.

The cabinet member is entitled to feel encouraged by the way things are going even though he has only been involved for the last nine months in an improvement project that started three years ago but as the cabinet member is the renowned sour faced, sharp tongued and shallow thinker Philip Read he had to go and spoil it by voicing his hatred for Labour councillors.

Which is most likely? That Philip Read is a world class idiot or that the Labour Party in Bexley would be happier if the borough’s children are neglected to the point that some die?


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