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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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24 March - When is a cut not a cut? When it’s a re-modelling

We’ve had efficiency savings, festivals abandoned, grants cut, libraries closed, prices up across the board, selling the borough to the highest bidder and now services are up for remodelling. Any euphemism will do when there is no money left.
There are currently 14 children’s centres in Bexley, ten big ones and four little ones. It is proposed that only six provide the full range of services in future and eight would respond to local need only.

There is a council web page to cover the proposals more comprehensively which includes a link to yet another consultation. Parents who think they may be affected should take a look.

This is perhaps an appropriate moment to mention that I am currently in contact with three parents who have lost children to Bexley council's ‘early intervention’ regime and the Rhys Lawrie case gets more interesting almost by the day. None of it is appropriate for the blog, at least not yet, but these issues and others have pushed email responses well into arrears again. And BiB is pretty much a single handed operation and sometimes there are other things that simply must be done.


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