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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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22 March (Part 4) - Getting into beds with Anna

TweetTwitter has a reputation among non-users of being entertainment for those blessed with lower than average intellect. “I am eating my breakfast”, “I am on the train”, “I am going to be late”; but used sensibly it is an incredibly powerful way of distributing a message. Like a digital chain letter it can multiply at an astonishing rate but in the wrong hands it can ruin reputations - or land you in jail.

Rubbish Tory UkipSome politicians appear to be addicted to Tweeting and are uncaring about the effect on their reputations. I have personally found Erith & Thamesmead’s Conservative candidate’s triumphant Tweeting every time she finds rubbish on the streets more than a little tiresome. Fine the first time but the ‘joke’ soon wears a little thin. Yesterday it was all about a couple of beds dumped in Belvedere with some taunting of Danny Hackett, councillor for the adjacent ward of Lesnes Abbey.

I suspect Anna Firth is egged on by those with fewer brain cells and more addicted to Tweeting than she is.

Amandeep Bhogal, who I believed to be an intelligent man following a single brief conversation with him, has been so enthused with rubbish Tweeting that he has labelled the local UKIP committee racists even though their chosen candidate does not look at all like a white supremacist to me.

Sevenoaks newsWhilst Anna Firth’s campaign against fly tippers has had a mixed reception locally, she is coming in for some stick in Sevenoaks where she is seeking election as a councillor on the same day as fighting for a Parliamentary seat in Thamesmead.

The Sevenoaks Chronicle reported the situation last week but they got very little out of Mrs. Firth when she allegedly told them their questioning was unfair. I’ve seen her say the same on Twitter. I wish the politicians would grow up and raise the debate above beds and black sacks.

Ironically the only time I experienced racism was when a Sikh woman called me “white vermin”.


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