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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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21 March (Part 1) - Playing political hard to get

HackettIn between trips to Abbey Wood station to see the last vestiges of the public footway come tumbling down, there was a knock on the door. It was councillor Danny Hackett and fortunately he was not there to complain about yesterday’s mischievous blog which ran the risk of straining our friendship. Fortunately public office has not taken away his sense of fun.

Unlike Anna Firth Danny was too busy to come in but instead noted what is obvious to all, BiB takes up so much time there is little left for keeping the front garden tidy. No offer to help though!

Danny is by now not especially upset about my continued refusal to embrace Messrs. Miliband and Balls - Danny was my first ever Labour vote - and I cling to my personal history book which says that every Labour government since 1964 has tailored its policies to ensure that my personal finances and freedoms have been attacked as much as possible and the Conservatives have only done the same most of the time. I would however readily concede that Teresa Pearce has been in my opinion a first rate local MP and I would be extremely disappointed if she was not re-elected in May.

Teresa got it right when soon after she first made herself known to me she said she saw me as “a plague on all your houses sort of person”, which demonstrates far better judgment than the Prime Minister who has annoyed me almost constantly during the past five years.



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