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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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11 March (Part 3) - Sidcup High Street. Shut again

The 16th March will be a bad day in the borough. In Arnsberg Way the road will be traffic light controlled for eight weeks while the 19 month old blocks are replaced with good old fashioned asphalt. Bexley council’s expertise does not apparently extend to civil engineering or even learning from the poor experience of other block headed boroughs.

Now comes news of another brand new road that is to be dug up. It’s Sidcup High Street which has been fully open for, err, let’s see, it must be almost four months now.

Bexley council’s website gives a rose tinted view of the situation but Paul Laundy of the Sidcup Community Group has obtained his information directly from Thames Water. This is part of what they told him…

When the High Street was re-paved and resurfaced, many of the water valves that premises need to access should an emergency or leaks occur were covered up. They now have to be reinstated during which time the High Street will return to restricted one-way operation.

As Paul says, you couldn’t make it up. The High Street closure should take only a week, hopefully a real week and not a Bexley council week.

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