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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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8 March (Part 2) - Read erects barriers but it’s not him who’s discourteous

It was a busy day on Bonkers yesterday. 1,536 views which is more than half of weekday levels and a Saturday is usually doing well to exceed a third. The forthcoming election will be providing a boost but I suspect the prime mover was Anna Firth and her Tweets that referred to the blog. Favourably I think. She mighty be in trouble for that.

One of the strange messages subsequently passed on to me was this one…

TweetI found it rather strange because when I first became aware that councillor Philip Read was on Twitter, long before I joined myself, he was restricting access to those who gained his permission.

Then he opened up his account about a year ago but placed me on his block list.

It’s the same mentality as that behind his refusal to answer questions from members of the public from those of whom he disapproves. - and the useless mayor condones it.

Thinking that Read my have unblocked me from Twitter I tried to access his account this afternoon, not that I care one way or another whether I am blocked or not, although I suppose there must be a slight preference for being blocked as it confirms prejudices.

If Read had wanted to strike up a conversation there have been numerous opportunities. I spent the whole night in the same room as him last May. Friendly words were exchanged with several councillors, but not Read.

I suspect the time for olive branches has long gone. It’s like the nonexistent relationship with Teresa O’Neill. If she had apologised reasonably quickly for telling the police I was planning to burn down the Civic Centre because I was right behind Hugh Neal’s pitchforks and flaming torches metaphor, (exactly four years old!) Bexley-is-Bonkers would probably by now be nothing but a distant memory.

It’s the same with Philip Read. No one should overlook the fact he untruthfully tittle-tattled to the police in order to have John Kerlen (former blogger) put behind bars.

An honest man would have brought to their attention that councillor Melvin Sawyer made up the story that got John into trouble in the first place.

I have a copy of Seymour’s police statement and I have a copy of the police’s evidence against John Kerlen. One is a grotesque exaggeration of the other. The police knew that but those in charge at Bexley’s police back then were a very long way from being honest. Fortunately the succeeding police commander had the worst of them transferred.


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