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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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7 March (Part 3) - Knock knock, who’s there?

TweetAfter an early morning reconnaissance in Abbey Wood, avoiding the freshly dumped rubbish, confirming that Crossrail had once again closed the railway line without any obvious reason and delivering a list of parking facts to some Wilton Road traders, I returned to finish the washing up. Within minutes the door bell was rung by the lady in blue with her husband Edward.

There had been a Twitter warning of what was to come and I’d decided that if Anna Firth was accompanied by the arch enemy I would invite them all in. However councillor Philip Read must have decided that his record of never acknowledging my existence must be preserved at all costs

Rubbish AnnaReading between the lines of her Twitter account I thought I would like Anna and not be too far apart politically, unless she proved to be a total Cameron devotee. Anna neatly stepped around that question. Personally I am getting to despise the man, which is perhaps one step up from the thoughts reserved for Mr. Miliband.

But Anna proved to be a delightful lady with whom I could have happily ‘wasted’ even more of her day.

She listened patiently to my history of Bexley. Teresa O’Neill and the flaming torches, Olly Cromwell and the unidentified house fiasco, Peter Craske and his homophobic impersonation of myself, Cheryl Bacon, biggest liar ever, Mick Barnbrook and his pursuit of crooked MPs. Her husband was suitably shocked, Ms. Firth was too much the politician to give much away.

Definitely I liked her and in doing so I have to withdraw some recent comments. One, that she is insincere and two that you are never going to read anything positive about her here.

But the other lovely lady will be a hard act to follow, supportive and always there when you need her. Who got all those police papers for me which saw two borough police commanders investigated for perverting the course of justice? My Labour MP Teresa Pearce. If only the IPCC had the power to go further than just order an investigation there might be some chance of progress. As it is the Metropolitan Police are allowed to dump an IPCC request in their pending tray and leave it there for ever.


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