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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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7 March (Part 2) - Bexley council U-turns

It’s funny how the main stream media regurgitates old news. This week’s announcement that councils will no longer be able to hide their gestapo wagons up side streets snapping unwary motorists guilty of such major transgressions of the law as stopping for five seconds to allow a passenger to exit their car, was first announced last Summer.

NotomobIt was reported here in October when Bexley council estimated that it would lose around £200,000 a year if it was forced to cease its stealth operation against motorists. They retaliated by increasing parking charges by up to 50% and announced their intention to refocus spy cars on moving traffic offences, U-turns and the like.

Presumably the borough will soon be plastered not only by revenue raising yellow lines but by as many traffic restrictions as possible, and if you think that is fantasyland you probably didn’t see last week’s Public Notices.

Yes it is there for all to see. A ‘No U-Turns’ order is coming to Bexleyheath town centre and a camera will be there to take your money. Bexley council: Listening to you, Working for you, Making your life a misery, Constantly dipping your pocket to fill theirs.


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