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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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4 March (Part 2) - Wilton Road wilting. Life line thrown

The mood in Wilton Road this morning was gloomy, “The Abbey Arms is gone” a total stranger told me this morning.“It’s shut now?” I asked, knowing nothing of the local pub scene. “Last day is Sunday” came the reply. (†)

Rumour has it that Peabody have bought it but they deny it.

PubThen came some better news, probably is it too late and in a year or two there will not be a Wilton Road to save but the news came from the Mayor’s Office via Greenwich Council, you don’t think Bexley would trouble to tell me do you?

“The bid for Abbey Wood (Wilton Road) led by the Royal Borough of Greenwich in partnership with the London Borough Bexley was successful.

Approval has been granted for the Abbey Wood project for an amount up to £150,000 of which £138,000 will be capital and £12,000 as revenue funding with match funding to agreed levels (£150,000 match shared 50/50 with Bexley).

It means there will be physical improvements to public spaces and buildings along Wilton Road, adjacent to Abbey Wood station and support for local businesses, to revitalise this small high street and future proof it for the arrival of Crossrail.”

The proposal includes:

• Tailored business support for existing traders
• Exploring potential for a local street market
• Improvements to shop and building frontages

It is to be hoped that Wilton Road gets more for its money than did Northumberland Heath where £100,000 appears to have disappeared almost without trace.

Greenwich Council’s bid.

† The pub landlady has been telling her neighbours that she must hand in the keys by 19th March.


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