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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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3 March (Part 1) - One is John Fuller, the other is full of hate and prejudice

FullerReadOne of these men will greet and acknowledge the public who attend council meetings. Engage in polite conversation when the opportunity arises, enquire about the wellbeing of children he knows are going through difficult times, answers questions honestly and doesn’t stray from the subject or engage in cheap political insults.

Instead he quietly does his best for education in Bexley. It may not be the best borough in every single respect but it is the best when it comes to giving parents their first choice of secondary school.

The other man never speaks to any member of the public, refuses to answer any question from a member of the public whose past political leanings are not to his liking, and distributes political insults like confetti, especially if the target is young and female. Apparently such people are educationally incapable of drafting their own motions.

TweetWhen not thus occupied he invents stories and delivers them to the police intent on getting a blogger imprisoned - he succeeded but only for 24 hours until a judge intervened - and he invents stories to feed to parliamentary candidates neither fully acquainted with the borough’s recent history or with Read’s vile ways. To Ms. Firth’s credit she deleted her Tweet when she realised the sort of man with whom she might be coming too closely associated.

Almost needless to say Read is in charge of Bexley’s worst performing portfolio, Children’s Services. Available statistics are several months out of date but they are the best there are. Bexley is reported to have the worst Children’s Services in London, being either bottom or close to the bottom of the pile in every measured parameter. Read will tell you that things have improved since he took over from former councillor Katie Perrior who has gone to spend more time with her business, and probably they have, things could hardly be worse.

Would it be churlish to point out that Bexley council’s press release to the News Shopper claims an 80% first choice success rate but The Guardian quotes the true figure of 77·5%? According to Bexley council’s website in what will presumably be a rapidly pulled page, so reproduced here, they hit 80·5% last year.
So things have gone down hill just a little. Why does council leader Teresa O’Neill (featured prominently in the News Shopper’s report) always find it necessary to lie and exaggerate?


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