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Bonkers Blog March 2015

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1 March (Part 2) - The weekend’s Crossrail news. There is none

The North Kent line was closed all day today. Hundreds, most probably thousands of people have been enraptured by the joys of Replacement Bus Services and the Crossrail project has advanced not one jot.

Not a single orange jacketed Indian, Eastern European, Briton, Irishman or anyone at all was to be seen anywhere between Abbey Wood station and Plumstead. Maybe the wind was too much for them as it was once before. It was making a horrendous noise through the grills on the new Church Manorway footbridge from where Photos 3 and 4 were taken.

So here are some pictures of almost nothing except for the railway enthusiasts who may notice that the first signs of a new footbridge for Bostall Manorway (Photo 1) are visble and there is extensive piling from there through to Abbey Wood station. The tracks approaching the tunnel portal don’t seem to be any more advanced than they were a month ago.

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