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Bonkers Blog June 2015

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22 June (Part 1) - Council leader Teresa O‘Neill OBE. Forked tongue wags again

Fat liarLast year, as part of its stealth tax strategy, Bexley council said it would use its spy cars to trap motorists on the move and it took powers to do so.

However on 22nd April when those powers were nodded through by the assembled sheep, council leader Teresa O’Neill said that there were no plans to use the powers. Her precise words were "we are not saying we are going to do it but we are giving ourselves the option to do it”. I said at the time I didn’t believe her and I was right.

You may not have received your Summer issue Bexley magazine yet - I am still waiting for my Spring one - but in it you will see confirmation that Teresa O’Neill was seeking to deceive us all.

When Teresa O’Neill opens her mouth it is perfectly normal to expect a lie to issue forth; it is perhaps less usual for her to be caught out quite so quickly.


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