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Bonkers Blog June 2015

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20 June (Part 2) - Wiping the grin off his Facebook

Melvin SeymourIn 2011 John Kerlen’s use of the C word on Twitter provoked councillor Melvin Seymour into making a false statement to a load of bent Bexley coppers who had the evidence in front of them that Seymour was telling porkies. It landed John with a ten grand barrister’s bill to prove his innocence and I have been very wary of social media ever since.

I was late to Twitter and my use of it is generally restricted to announcing new blogs; RSS feeds seem to have fallen out of favour. It doesn’t help that Chrome requires a plug-in.

I am not alone in being behind the Twittering times. The Save Old Manorway Playground Group (@saveOMWP) found their way to Twitter only last week. Their big day will be on Tuesday 30th June when they are due to present their petition to none other than porkie pie Seymour himself.

ReadFacebook has been a complete mystery to me and at the time of writing I still find it a bit of a muddle but last month another thorn in Bexley council’s side told me that council staff were sometimes able to bypass their ban on access to Bonkers via links posted on Facebook. “I have it on good authority that councillor Read is not happy that council run computer networks can access your blog via Facebook!”

It certainly whetted my interest in Facebook so when a bit of spare time came along I researched whether the claim could be true. Does Facebook really cache linked web pages? It appears it does!

Making certain councillors unhappy is one of the driving forces behind BiB and if it is councillor Philip Read who is being annoyed, so much the better.

Earlier today the Facebook icon appeared alongside Twitter’s on the menu bar above. Clicking on it should take you to the BIB Facebook page.

For the time being it will do no more than list new blogs and as I understand it users of Bexley council’s servers can access the Facebook front page and from there search for Bonkers Bexley.  I probably won’t have time to regularly respond to comments but why did no one tell me about Facebook’s page caching before?

Save Old Manor Way Playground on Facebook.
Bexley is Bonkers on Facebook.
List of websites banned by Bexley council.


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