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Bonkers Blog June 2015

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15 June - Here we go round the Mulberry Bush

There were a few signs of activity at the site of the new Lesnes Abbey Visitor Centre a couple of days ago. The project is running several months late and the story locally is that the skeleton of a horse was found just beneath the surface. Presumably it was a very special horse if it was worth putting the job on hold. A local wag said it was Shergar.

The mulberry tree reputed to date from the 16th century is in pretty poor shape thanks in part to the vandals which infest the unprotected ruins and park. It is now surrounded by a barrier which as you can see will be a massive deterrent to those with malicious intent. I doubt it is even proof against a five year old innocently swinging on the rail. It is only a few days old and already showing signs of wear.

Neither will it deter those who wish to end it all. Twice in the past decade people have hitched a noose to one of the higher branches and launched themselves into oblivion.
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