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Bonkers Blog June 2015

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12 June (Part 2) - The Met

The MetI keep being asked what I thought of part one of the BBC’s new cop documentary ‘The Met’ broadcast last Monday and when was I going to blog about it. I was even asked for comment by a police officer, but the programme had almost zero connection with Bexley. The borough commander featured has previously worked in Bexley and he made one obscure reference to it. There is no good reason to dissect the whole programme here and I don’t see it as my place to do so.

I don’t go out of my way to watch cop documentaries. It is a long time since I saw one of those cheap time fillers where police officers in high powered cars go chasing after speeding scroats. I know someone has to do it but by the end of the programme I nearly always found myself muttering “evil b*****ds” and I don’t really want to regard the police as a whole even more badly than I do already. Their bad attitude nearly always shines through which I assume comes from constantly having to deal with bad people.

The aforesaid borough commander was Victor Olisa, a Nigerian black man, selected for Haringey after the Tottenham riots by Commissioner Hogan-Howe who said he was the best man for the job and his colour had nothing to do with it. Not sure I believed him. Not sure I would believe anything Hogan-Howe says.

All I know about Victor Olisa is that he has a vivid imagination. He excused his predecessor for doing nothing with the evidence against councillor Peter Craske (the obscene homophobic blog) by claiming that the eight months of delay was occasioned by the need to investigate me in case I had set Craske up by hacking into his phone line.

He said that in front of my MP, Teresa Pearce, but no evidence has ever been produced to suggest it might be true. I suspect Olisa is not a natural liar but he will do his best when he needs to look after his bent colleagues. He sees racism where it doesn't exist too, he got very hot under the collar when I blogged that during my career in international telephony Nigerian corruption was a serious problem. His countrymen stole the cables and they had their hands in the till to the extent they had to burn down their Lagos headquarters to hide the evidence. It is a fact but Olisa saw it as a personal attack on every Nigerian him included.

His obscure reference to Bexley was that he found it odd that he got more aggression from the black community of Haringey than he did from the BNP in a previous borough. I thought the BNP was a spent force in Bexley by the time Olisa arrived on the scene. One of his predecessors claimed they started a street fight in Bexley village but it later transpired they weren’t even there.


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