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Bonkers Blog July 2015

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29 July (Part 1) - Catching up with Bexley council

While I have been bogged down in park matters of both the wet and dry variety Bexley council has been issuing press releases.

Ward boundaries
It has been in the newspapers in recent days that Bexley council has decided that 45 will be the optimum number of councillors from 2018 onwards and has submitted its reasoning to the Boundaries Commission.

The Commission is expected to give its own ideas on numbers next month.

There is a wealth of detail linked from the council’s Electoral Review page. The compromise figure of 45 was predicted on BiB (final paragraph) six weeks ago and it is backed by all three parties.

Make the motorists pay!
Bexley is to try to remedy its estimated £230,000 losses on CCTV parking enforcement by turning its attention to moving traffic offences. It’s only three months since Teresa O’Neill stood in the council chamber to assure the gullible that although the council had taken the powers there was no decision to actually use them. Given the lead times in introducing such changes it is difficult not to assume it was an attempt to deceive residents.

If it is well signed and people have their wits about them it is unlikely to raise much money, but the attempt to fleece motorists via a new method begins on 1st August.

Press Release. (PDF)

Bexleyheath Broadway
More Broadway disruption begins on Monday 10th August. It’s an extension of the more central broken block scheme to the western end of Broadway as far as Lion Road. Well it needs smartening up but I thought we had no money. Oh, it’s Boris’ money. That’s free money isn’t it? Nobody actually pays.

Press Release. (PDF)


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