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Bonkers Blog July 2015

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27 July (Part 1) - Try something new on Wednesday

Sainsbury’s Abbey Wood store will open on Wednesday but has evidently thought twice about flouting the Sunday trading laws. 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. has been toned down to a law abiding 11 till 5.

I expect I shall take a look but I doubt it will become my supermarket of choice, it will be a shorter walk than Asda but if I choose to drive, Belvedere is easy and Harrow Manorway is likely to be a nightmare.

The narrowed and already overloaded road may force me into Picardy Manorway and the A2016 when heading off to Blackwall in future.

Last time I did my weekly shop in Sainsbury’s the cheerful checkout girl told me it had cost twenty nine pence less than in Asda. I resisted asking if her name was Cheryl Bacon.
Sainsbury's Sainsbury's Sainsbury's Sainsbury's
The beautifully positioned but still prominent travelator warning is welcoming is it not but the garden and benches look nice enough before the mandatory etching and dumped litter takes over.


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