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Bonkers Blog July 2015

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26 July (Part 1) - ‘Nasties’ in the pool said the nasties in the chamber

The statement above made in the original campaign leaflet last November is just as true today as it was then and the efforts to save it have not diminished either. Next Wednesday there is to be another open meeting in the Royal Standard in Nuxley Road.

Here’s the official campaign invitation for you to be there and help preserve a little of the borough’s heritage from those who are content to vote for their own allowances, increases to senior staff pay and unspecified financial hurdles for anyone who might be interested in mounting a Splash Park rescue operation.

On 29th July in the Royal Standard in Belvedere the Save Our Splash Park campaign will hold an open meeting with the aim of letting people know the position and seeing if any of the local community are interested or willing to form a charitable body to take on some role regarding the park.

By 22/10/2015 any bids to run the splash park must be submitted to the Council.

The council will decide if any bids meet their criteria. If they do, then it is possible the park may reopen as a privately run venue, probably offering more services than just the water park and attracting customers all year round.

If no bid is suitable, then the park will close and the Council have suggested they will replace the water park with a play park for younger children.

I could have sworn that I heard deputy leader Alex Sawyer stumble over the word Cryptosporidium at that original meeting, but maybe it was a later one, but a Freedom of Information request revealed Bexley council had not tested for it.

Last Wednesday I heard Alex Sawyer say he never had used the word but always referred to unidentified “nasties” instead. Nasties was certainly one of his favourite words and without a recording we will have to accept what he says. Odd that so many people believed he had uttered the C word. Good job it’s hard to pronounce.


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