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Bonkers Blog July 2015

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25 July (Part 2) - Belvedere’s not so superstore

If I had the time I would extend this blog to slagging off companies that have no idea about good customer service, maybe I just did with the reference to Abbey Wood station in the rain.

Top of my list would be Scottish Power but the things they can do wrong may be beyond my descriptive powers, I’ll just summarise by saying avoid that company at all costs.

AsdaToday Belvedere’s Asda would hit the headlines. I bought some gluten free loaves (£2·50 each) there a month or two ago and although they were within date two were stale and inedible. The manufacturer apologised and said they had made a bad batch and insisted on sending me two tokens for £3 each. I tried to redeem them this morning picking up three loaves at £2·50.

I was told I could not have £3 or £6 off because one loaf cost less than the token’s value. I joined the queue that was demanding to see the manager. Yes there was one and it wasn’t long past 8:30.

Last night under the influence of too much beer I bored the pants off a friend with stories of totally incompetent managers who didn’t have a clue what they were doing. In BT I never found one outside engineering circles who knew how the international telephone exchange worked but nevertheless issued instructions on how it should be operated. Asda must have a similar school of management.

I pointed out that I had £7·50 worth of eligible products and the tokens totalled only £6. No go! I had to buy an individual product costing £3 or more. I said, truthfully, there weren’t any.

They changed tack. I could get £3 off two loaves at £5. What do I do with the other token? “Come back next week and repeat the procedure” - probably encountering the same problem with another moronic manager.

I decided to go round twice there and then. A lowly paid but sympathetic cash desk operator took pity on me and slipped my purchases through the scanner in one go but pressed the end button half way through so as to produce two bills. Job done. Promote that man.

Sainsbury’s opens in Abbey Wood next week, but have you seen their prices! Doubt I will be seen there too often.

Now, how can I put off analysing that cabinet meeting tape a bit longer?


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