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Bonkers Blog July 2015

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5 July (Part 1) - Rubbish in Belvedere, rubbish in Brasted

The place, Erith & Thamesmead that is, hasn't been quite the same since Anna Firth the Conservative’s election candidate had to settle for being District councillor for Brasted, Chevening, Sundridge & Ide Hill rather than being an MP.

Anna went through a phase, until everyone became bored with it, of posing next to rubbish, no not Philip Read silly, dumped in the streets of Belvedere, as if she had some sort of magic solution to it that councillor Danny Hackett and Teresa Pearce lacked.

Fly tipping Fly tippingUnfortunately Anna’s magic touch appears to have deserted her on her own territory and her pet subject has made it to the pages of the Sevenoaks Chronicle.

Those with a trained legal mind, Anna Firth perhaps, may wish to look at the Legal Beagles website which suggests that imposing waste disposal charges, take it or leave it, was ruled illegal by the Supreme Court in October last year. Not that illegality would be a disincentive to Bexley council of course.


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