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Bonkers Blog January 2015

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28 January (Part 2) - Hocus-Pocus

HokeyI decided a couple of weeks ago that I should attend a wider variety of council meetings. Total attendances have dropped significantly following leader Teresa O’Neill’s assault on scrutiny by reducing the number of those meetings by more than half.

The resolution has not started well. I was unable to attend last night’s General Purposes Committee meeting because it was the first time it had been possible to visit a close relative who came close to death at the hands of the NHS. (Consultant was sick, no one else knew what to do.)

All I have been able to do is read through the Agenda. Do senior staff really put their right hand in, take their right hand out and then turn around? Could that be what it is all about?


HocusThe reason that paragraph caught my eye is because of the persistent stories (if two sources can be persistent) leaking from Watling Street to the effect that senior staff are paid off and re-employed on a consultancy basis almost immediately.

With no confirmatory evidence, names are best kept beneath the proverbial hat but the expenditure must Tot up to quite a lot. Maybe that is why the subject came up at General Purposes; not that the resolution above does anything to stop the practice.


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