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Bonkers Blog January 2015

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27 January (Part 1) - Telecoms twit

As I have said before, Bonkers does not attract much by way of dissenting voices, in fact I cannot remember the last one and the total cannot be more than two. In a way it is disappointing, presumably the blog reaches only those of like minds. However the weekend brought forth a critic. He said he wasn’t going to read Bonkers any more because my description of how a telephone bell works was simplified to the point of inaccuracy. True it was, but I was attempting to pad out a small news item about the lack of fibre broadband in parts of Welling, not write a treatise on telecommunications practice. For that you can go to Google.

The critic presumably has written such a treatise, his web address is so if you need to buy an office phone system and deal with someone who hasn’t a clue how to write a blog which won’t scare too many people away, you know where you can go. But be aware he might poke fun at any grammatical or spelling errors in your message and not read it to the end. His loss.

I removed the ringing voltage reference, it was irrelevant anyway.


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