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Bonkers Blog January 2015

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21 January (Part 2) - Laughing at you; all the way to the bank

The golden goodbyes are flowing thick and fast in Watling Street. It’s not often that confirmation of who has actually taken the money and run becomes available but the names Ellershaw, Bashir, Tottman and Frizoni have all come to notice recently - all on near £100,000 (some over) salaries. Some of their personal pages on the council’s website have gone. And don’t forget Mark Charters who fled last June.

Mike Frizoni’s disappearance was forecast last November but with Bexley trying its damnedest to keep everything quiet it’s not easy to get quick confirmation of any senior staff changes. However not everything can be kept secret for ever.

Today’s Public Announcement on the creeping yellowing of Bexley’s streets (around 30 of them this time, click here to see the list) is signed off by Graham Ward, suggesting that Frizoni has indeed gone, suitably enriched by Bexley’s ever generous council tax payers.

These top level staff cuts are really rather annoying. If the £50 million black hole is forcing Bexley council’s hand now, why didn’t they make those senior staff cuts in 2010 when Bexley faced a £36 million hole? All they did then was raise parking charges and all their other fees, reduce services, cut rank and file staff numbers and freeze their pay. If we can do without a load of top brass now, why not four years ago when the borough was a little bit smaller than it is now?

If you think that bosses always look after themselves until the bitter end, you may perhaps have a point. The next set of accounts should reveal how much richer they are now.


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