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Bonkers Blog January 2015

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20 January - This Website

Unless you study such things you probably won’t know that designing a website is not like laying out a book on paper. The text and pictures exist in the form of a list but how they look and are formatted on different viewing devices is down to another set of files entirely. The files controlling B-i-B’s appearance had over the years become a bit of a mess partly because the basics were not ideal for a site that has grown as much as B-i-B.

Over the past weekend all the old files were scrapped and replaced by new ones which should allow more flexibility and simplified so that I may find problems more easily.

As all the old control files have gone it is more than likely that web browsers will not display the site properly. The solution should be hitting the Refresh button which is F5 on Windows machines. My Google Chromebook made a horrendous mess of the layout when it first encountered the new system because it didn’t find the files it was looking for. One click on Refresh fixed it all.

Many of the older pages are not yet completely linked to the new control files. The effect will generally be that text will not wrap around images. In Mobile mode some images on old pages may not not fit neatly on the screen, but then they never did. It may take a few weeks to switch everything over to the new system.


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