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Bonkers Blog January 2015

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19 January (Part 2) - The police are an unchecked law unto themselves

32 months ago Mr. Elwyn Bryant who like me was the target of obscenities launched from councillor Peter Craske’s phone line had a word about it with Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe at a public meeting in Sidcup. In Elwyn’s opinion - and events later proved him right - Bexley police were doing their usual thing of bending the law to suit Bexley council and Hogan-Howe invited him to put his concerns in a letter to him.

This was done a couple of weeks later on 7th June 2012 and over the following six months the Metropolitan Police did nothing other than reach for the whitewash brush. When the Independent Police Complaints Commission told them to get on with the job they spent another 18 months doing precisely nothing.

Last week my patience was wearing a little thin and I dashed off a letter to the IPCC summarising the situation.

The IPCC responded very quickly to say it was nothing to do with them even though the reply was from the very same IPCC Case Officer who originally ordered the Metropolitan Police to put away the whitewash pot.

Today I replied as follow…

Dear Ms. Xxxxx,

Thank you for your speedy response.

It is disappointing that the IPCC considers that it has no involvement in the case. The oldest of the three complaints has been around the DPS loop once and it was referred back to them when the IPCC agreed they had made no serious attempt to examine it.

If that is the official position could you please tell me how the Metropolitan Police can ever be compelled to answer a complaint? Both Elwyn Bryant and I are in our eighth decade, I suspect the DPS has a policy of waiting for complainants to die.

My son-in-law Alastair Morgan has encountered similar tactics following the murder of his brother Daniel on 10th March 1987. 28 years later his mother is past 90 and the Met. continues to use delaying tactics despite the involvement of the Home Secretary.

I am grateful for the limited action you have been able to take. viz. Passing the case to your Senior Casework Manager as an example of how the Metropolitan Police simply do not care about corruption within their ranks.

Many thanks,

Malcolm Knight


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