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Bonkers Blog January 2015

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19 January (Part 1) - Flattened and fenced - properly

In the month since the works going on around Lesnes Abbey were last mentioned here the contractor has completed the demolition of the visitor centre and completely cleared the site. The site manager was always happy to explain to passers-by what he was doing and why. A contractor’s man obviously; and not from Bexley council.
11th January 2015
19th January 2015
PathWhile doing some shopping last week, someone who had been misinformed, approached me thinking that I was in some way responsible for the arrangements at Lesnes Abbey.

I listened to a complaint from a young lady who had attempted to take her disabled mother in a motorized wheelchair into the formal abbey gardens and failed miserably to do so.

The temporary path from New Road was too soft and steep - I keep failing in my quest for a picture that reveals just how steep it is - and whilst access via the Abbey Road footbridge and the associated slope allowed entry into the park there was no easy access to the formal gardens. It's steps everywhere and the chair wheels threatened to tip it over when attempting a short cut across the grass.

Bexley council has never been concerned about disabled access to the park since they erected the anti-motorbike barriers five years ago at a cost of £75,000.


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